Hi, in case you haven’t figured it out yet…I am Kani 🙂  I live and work in the Washington DC area as a marketing and social media professional and an adjunct faculty member for the area’s local community college. Education is incredibly important to me, and I teach to others what I have learned. I have obtained two bachelors degrees; one in business, and recently, one in web technologies and digital media. I hold a masters degree in public relations and am currently writing my dissertation for the completion of my doctorate of education degree. The topic is on social media and community college international student engagement

 I am part of the Airbnb community so If you need accommodations for
conferences, vacations, or just to get away let me know! I have access to over 5000 lodging rentals world wide.

Also, I plan to share great tidbits of how to plan your vacations and where to go. Trust me on this, If I can find a deal, I will and I will share it with you. I have traveled to four continents thus far, soaked my feet in two oceans, and I still have a lot of energy left to visit the rest of the world and soak in the various cultures our world has to offer!


2 thoughts on “Mom|Educator|Techie

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